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Lyfestyle Cleansing Cream

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Better Confidence through Clear Skin

Just a small scoop of LY cleansing cream to moisturise and cleanse your skin. Replace your facial wash twice a day and get amazing results you can count on, so you can confidently go out and meet your challenges throughout the day!

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Facial Cleansing Cream

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Lyfestyle Cleansing Cream Benefits


Gentle on Skin

Lyfestyle cleansing cream is perfectly balanced to achieve the optimal pH of 5.5. This is the same acidity level as your skin and helps to maintain your skin's acid mantle.


Soft and Silky

Filled with nature's finest, Lyfestyle cleansing cream contains skin-softening vitamins and fatty acids, preventing skin damage from aging and free-radical exposure while slowing down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Better Absorption

Lyfestyle cleansing cream is a 100% natural and organic. Made with plant-based ingredients, Lyfestyle products are non-chemical-based and safe to use, even on a baby.


Hydrating & Moisturising

Get soft, supple, healthy and beautiful skin with Lyfestyle cleansing cream. Filled with aloe vera, cactus and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate skin to lock, store and replenish moisture.


Deep Cleansing

100% soap free, Lyfestyle cleansing cream clears off pore-clogging dust and sweat while our anti-inflammatory ingredients help your skin with wound healing and prevent acne scarring.

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100% Plant-Based & Natural

Only the finest ingredients, carefully selected from Dasi Botanical Garden, goes into our facial wash. Every bud grown within this fertile garden is cultivated naturally without the use of any chemical agents, in Taoyuan Taiwan.

When these herbs have matured, we utilise low-temperature extraction technology to harvest and preserve them in their peak condition. The essence of these herbs is then injected into our products, ensuring you get the highest quality possible.

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Freshest Ingredients Used

Every plant is cultivated at optimal condition. The buds are nurtured into maturity before extracting using low temperature technology. Extracted essences are then packed into the bottles with care. We make sure, double-confirm, that you get 100% natural, vegan-free, cruelty-free, ISO certified products.

This is what makes Lyfestyle products so exceptional. It is the brilliant combination of horticulture, herbalism and dermatology, so you only get the best, from farm straight to your face!

Nature-filled Goodness

3 Key Ingredients for LY Cleansing Cream


Coix Lacryma Jobi Seeds

Also known as pearl barley, this herb commonly used in Chinese medicine controls acne breakouts and sebum production. It also brightens pigmentation and moisturizes dry skin.


Gotu Kola Extract

Gotu kola has anti-bacterial, anti viral and anti-inflammatory tendencies. It is perfect for aging skin and is found in most the anti-aging and skin firming creams these days.


Boswellia Serrata

A known anti-inflammatory, Boswellia Serrata is also used for anti-aging treatments and acne medications. It has been clinically shown to improve skin elasticity and visibly reduce wrinkle depth, for firmer skin.